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Zotfest is the annual student film festival hosted by Film-Arts-Drama Alliance, a UCI campus organization dedicated to collaborative student filmmaking.


Our mission is to showcase and celebrate the filmmaking talent of UC Irvine students. 

22nd Annual Zotfest of 2021

Who We Are

Zotfest is a student-run, campus-wide, film festival and screening event that started in 1999.


For most years we have around 50 submissions, with working industry professionals and prestigious faculty selecting the best ones to screen for over 400 attendees on campus. 

Our mission is to showcase and celebrate the filmmaking talent of UC Irvine students. 

Zotfest 2020

Our Past Zotfest

The Greatest Show at UCI | A College Parody of the Greatest Showman

The Greatest Show at UCI | A College Parody of the Greatest Showman

Students from the University of California, Irvine are back again with another large musical film! After parodying La La Land last year we're back with a bigger and better production on which more than 100 students worked together to push the boundaries of film at UCI. FADA proudly presents the Greatest Show at UCI. This video was sponsored by: Orange People: Escape: This video would not be possible without their help! CREDITS CAST: THE SHOWMEN (In Order of Appearance) Trystan Colburn Tina Pham Kenai Gonzales FEATURED SINGER Emily Johnson-Frantz (Standing in for Olivia Pech) FEATURED DANCERS Alyssa Corella Anna Reiser Cayla Flagg Hannah Lafferty Lilla Lavanakul Makeila Lee DANCERS Abby Martinez Alyssa Corella Anna Reiser Cayla Flagg Daphnie Rivera Elijah Punzal Emily Johnson Eunice S. Martinez Hannah Lafferty Hannah Limon Junna Saito Kirsten Lange Lia Prindle Lilla Lavanakul Lydia Nyingi Makeila Lee Raymond King Sarajane Bradford Tiffany Hui Trystan Colburn Xinyuan Ye VOCALIST ENSEMBLE Adrian Snuffer Alec Risley Ali Rostami Alyssa Marie Corella Chad Watkins Chris Tran Christine Tfaye Elijah Punzal Emily Johnson Hannah Lafferty Henrianne Vautheny Issi Shumski Kenai Gonzalez Lilla Lavanakul Lydia Nyingi Makeila Lee Sarajane Bradford Sonya Wong Syrus Savandi Tina Pham EXTRAS Besma Brewer Ali Rostami Chris Tran CREW: PRODUCTION Executive Producers: Raghav Putrevu and Brad Hughes Directed By: Ryan Gonzales Concept By: Ryan Gonzales, Blaine Sayre, Isaiah Walk Producers: Albert Le, Sarah Brandenburg, Sophie Prettyman-Beauchamp, Leif Shen 1st Assistant Director: Austin Quon 2nd Assistant Director: Leatrice Ching 2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Joanne Ducot Script Supervisor: Taylor Stonerock Production Assistants: Jocelyne Montalvo, Tom Forte, Zerui Qin, Gary Giannoni III DANCE Choreographer: Nicholas Kitchen MUSIC Music Director: Blaine Sayre Music Producer: Lloyd Ea Sound Engineers: Ningru Gao, Lloyd Ea Sound Engineer Assistant: Brandon Wong Bass Guitar: Dylan Juhan Drums: Spencer Reynan Piano: Lloyd Ea and Blaine Sayre Electric Drums and Electric Guitar: Ryan Gonzales CAMERA DEPARTMENT Director of Photography: Isaiah Walk A-Cam Steadicam Op: Mario Nieves Acevedo A-Cam 1st AC: Phillip Arroyo Long A Cam 2nd AC: Nancy Nguyen B-Cam Operator: Alan Chung B-Cam 1st AC: Beatrice Andong B-Cam 2nd AC: Mindy Vu Drone Operator: Joseph Wong Camera PAs: Junwei Kwee, Yanit Mehta, Alan Mendoza, Michael Sarkisian Best Boy Electrics & Lighting Designer: Nina Agelvis Gaffers: Sonya Wong, Karen Pham, Kelsey Rivera, Adrain Sanchez, Jacky Wu Light Board Operators: Jacky Wu, Katharine Lee Key Grip: Kelsey Rivera Grips: Karen Pham: Matthew Crouchley, Adrian Sanchez, Chuong Nguyen Sony Specialists: Grey Mims, Joseph Wong, Kenny Yu SET DESIGN Head of Production Design: Abby Coffing Head of Production Design: Bria Doster Best Boy Production Design: Hunter Hermanson Production Design: Hannah Koury, Jenevieve Morehouse, Estela Esquivel, Sandy Mariscal , Jeannie Ur, Isaiah Walk, Henry Gong, Nathan Yan COSTUMING Head of Costuming: Crystal Keo Costume Assistants: Keilani Coquia, Jiaman Du POST-PRODUCTION Post-Production Supervisor: Lloyd Ea Lead Editor: Lloyd Ea Assistant Editor: Rhian Advincula DIT: Corey Jung Colorist: Isaiah Walk, Lloyd Ea Post-Production PA: Jessica Lin, Nona Ly, Katharine Lee Graphic Artist: Angel Ochoa VFX Supervisor and Artist: Lloyd Ea Post-Production Film Sound: Ryan Gonzales MARKETING Marketing Heads: Thomas Ahn, Monica Nguyen, Yanit Mehta BEHIND THE SCENES Head of BTS: Yanit Mehta Head of BTS: Giovanni Rodriguez BTS Crew: Christopher Nguyen, Jayleen To, Daniel Aquino, Adrian Snuffer, Ebony Bell, Sarah Bradenburg SPECIAL THANKS The Original Cast and Crew of "The Greatest Showman" for inspiration! Illuminations ASUCI Orange People ESCAPE UC Irvine Film and Media Studies Claire Trevor School of the Arts UC Irvine Sound Design Program Vincent Olivieri Walkie Talkie Productions The Student Center and Event Services Jeffery Stube Lonnie Alcaraz Bruce Warner Professor Peter Krapp Professor Liz Cane Eva Yonas Beth Pace Mike Normandia Red and Aurea Gonzales Rachelle Gonzales Ricardo Gonzales Ruben Gonzales Why was this project made? Many of us at UC Irvine really believed in the idea on how filmmaking can bring people together. Last year, we wanted to create a project where a large amount of talented people can come together to make something big. The result was last year's Zot Zot Land. This year, we decided to keep this idea as a tradition to make something big every year to bring people together and to give everyone a bigger filmmaking experience. This video is the result of many talented people coming together to create one large project.
La La Land "College Edition" | Another Day of Sun Parody

La La Land "College Edition" | Another Day of Sun Parody

Arts students from University of California, Irvine come together to put their own spin on La La Land's Another Day of Sun! 80+ people were involved in this project that includes newly recorded instrumentals, vocals, lyrics, along with new choreography! This film was produced by the Film-Arts-Drama-Alliance at UCI and we collaborated with them! **Lyrics in the Closed Captions!** PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, AND SHARE! Behind the Scenes: CREDITS CAST Peter the Antreader: Samuel Barke SOLOIST (In Order of Appearance) Jennifer Holcombe William Jeng Ilana Degann Caroline Jones Harris Banneck Ashley Rose VOCALIST ENSEMBLE Alyssa Corella Kenai Gonzales Amanda Jacobsen Disha Jagtap Lilla Lavanakul Hannah Limon Neil Mabini Marco Miranda Laelia Nguyen Elijah Punzal Syrus Sadvandi Adam Timms Sonya Wong DANCERS Amanda Jacobsen Isabella Zell Issi Shumski Makeila Lee Anna Reiser Isabella Keegan Kerry Vang Hannah Limon Lilla Lavanakul Elijah Punzal Disha Jagtap DJ GRIM OF KUCI Timothy Harvey EXTRAS Shannon Funderburk Jessica Silagi Laelia Nguyen Benjamin Leider Kathleen Davies Melissa Kleeburg Falisha Nguyen Cecilia Qian Austin Si Robert C.A. Sabino Andres R Munoz Blaine Sayre Bria Doster Leif Shen Michele Ajimine Danielle Kim William Jeng Thomas Lee CREW Directed By: Ryan Gonzales Concept By: Ryan Gonzales, David Ngo, Blaine Sayre Producer: Isaiah Walk Executive Producer: Sabrina Yunus Director of Photography: Alan Chung Production Designer: Corey Jung Editors: Luodawei Xiao, Abigail Coffing, Theone Ly Associate Producers: Chuong Nguyen, Christopher Liu Costume Designer: Crystal Keo Music Director/Composer/Lyricist: Blaine Sayre Dance Choreographer: Linzey Elizabeth Guerra Music Sound Engineers: Ningru Guo, Brandon Wong 1st Assistant Director: Kevin Que 2nd Assistant Director: Austin Quon 3rd Assistant Director: Osvaldo Reyes CAMERA DEPARTMENT 1st Assistant Camera: Chris Mims 2nd Assistant Camera: Jessica Lin Ronin OPs: Jorge Montoya, Alan Chung Ronin Remote OP: Isaiah Walk Dolly Grip: Jorge Montoya Jib Operator: Samuel Barke Grips: Samuel Barke, Austin Quon, Joanne Ducot Camera PAs: Theone Ly, Henry Liu, Beatrice Andong, Julius Jean Daniel Beronio SET DESIGN Production Design Grips: Jose Villanueva, Phillip Arroyo Long, Joanne Ducot Balloon Wranglers: Jose Villanueva, Phillip Arroyo Long, Paul Jaeyun Song Production Design PAs: Bria Doster, Alexander Saguna, Abigail Coffing, Theone Ly. Paul Jaeyun Song, Jessica Silagi, Shannon Funderburk, Osvaldo Reyes, Leif Shen, Julius Jean Daniel Beronio, Beatrice Andong POST PRODUCTION Visual Effects: Ryan Gonzales Colorist: Jorge Montoya Graphics and Art: Abigail Coffing DITs: Luodawei Xiao, Abigail Coffing MUSIC Drums: Spencer Reynen Trumpet: Pete Young Piano/Strings: Blaine Sayre Tenor Sax: Bryce John St. Peter Alto Sax: Danny Cho Bass: Dylan Juhan POST FILM SOUND Film Sound Design: Julius Jean Daniel Beronio, Paul Jaeyun Song Film Sound Mixer: Ryan Gonzales PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Bria Doster Alexander Saguna Paul Jaeyun Song Julius Jean Daniel Beronio Leif Shen Director's Production Assistant: Alex Saguna BEHIND THE SCENES Jessica Lin Christopher Liu Austin Quon SPECIAL THANKS The Original Cast and Crew of "La La Land" for inspiration! Illuminations UC Irvine Film and Media Studies Vincent Olivieri UC Irvine Sound Design Program PaperSketch Media Walkie Talkie Productions Koosha Hakimi The Student Center and Event Services Claire Trevor School of the Arts FADA (The Film-Arts-Drama Alliance at UCI) AVA Alex Oh Claire Trevor School of the Arts Sound UCI Parking and Transportation The Hill at UCI Dr. Jung and Mrs. Jung Mr. Woo and Mrs. Woo Preston Gn Jamin Coats Permits Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales Rachelle Gonzales Why was this project made? With our 18th annual Zotfest film festival coming up at UCI, we decided that we wanted to create a "Soft Opening" film that would unite the students together for one large project. With the help of the Film-Arts-Drama-Alliance and Illuminations at UCI, we were able to pull resources together to bring this project, "Zot Zot Land" to life! Filmmakers, Designers, Singers, Dancers, Actors, Musicians, Sound Specialists and much more talented people worked hard for two months on this project with only two days of shooting. The cast and crew consisted of people of all different experience levels teaching each other while making the film happen. The film is a representation of students collaborating together to create something beyond our limits while doing something we love. | FOLLOW US on SOCIAL MEDIA! | ☞ SUBSCRIBE: ☞ INSTAGRAM: ☞ FACEBOOK: ☞ TWITTER: ☞ OFFICIAL SITE:
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