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Thank you for your interest in our aim to continue cultivating student filmmaking at UCI during our year of return to campus! While the pandemic is still afoot, your participation would help us navigate these tricky time with caution yet still achieve the goals we've strived for going on 23 years. 

Applications for Zotfest Internship are now closed. Check back next Spring!

Image by Alexander Shatov


Create clean, professional graphics and eye-catching posts for various social media platforms (primarily Facebook and Instagram) for the promotion of Zotfest in all aspects (events, Zotfest itself, etc.).


Create and maintain an image/visual theme of Zotfest as a professional and longstanding event while bolstering its values of showcasing student work and cultivating UCI’s filmmaking community

Tech & Video

Create video content meant to market Zotfest and its team leading up to it.


Help smoothly run and troubleshoot the technological aspects of the festival. 

Image by Ross Sneddon
Image by Visual Stories || Micheile

Finance and Fundraising

Keep track of the funds available for various Zotfest events.


Plan efficient, sustained usage of said funds.


Reach out to businesses and sponsors for grants to boast our program and further cultivate student filmmaking at UCI.


Coordinate communications and other essential functions needed to make Zotfest run smoothly.


Work regularly with Zotfest directors to ensure that teams are meeting goals/making deadlines by coordinating department heads.


Do everything needed to prepare for the festival.

Image by John Schnobrich
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