The FADA Board

About Us
2021 - 2022

Michelle Fredericks

Director of FADA

Senior Business and FMS double major. I have been in FADA since Fall quarter of my freshman year and am so proud to be leading the club for the 21-22 school year. Talk to me about horror movies, broadway musicals, video games, and theme parks!


Polina Barilo

Co-Director of Zotfest & Finance Director

Second year Business Administration major and Film minor. I moved from Austria to California 5 years ago and became interested in working in the business aspect of the film industry. Fun facts- I'm fluent in 4 languages (Russian, German, Spanish, English), enjoy any outdoor activities, and love reggaetón music!! Favorite movies include Interstellar and Pirates of the Caribbean. Excited to be a part of Zotfest and Zotfilm productions!


Bobby Thornson

Co-Director of Zotfest

I’m the Director of Zotfest and a fourth year double majoring in Film and Media and Spanish. My interests are advancing Filipino/Filipino American narratives in a media and art landscape where they are overshadowed as well as radically charged filmmaking from around the world.


Jana Magbitang

Co-Director of Zotfilm

4th Year FMS major and Digifilm minor. Co-Director of Zotfilm. Current hobbies include gaming and streaming on twitch. I oversee Zotfilm with my co and am excited to see the passion that students pour into films.


Ernesto Martinez

Co-Director of Zotfilm

I am Ernesto Martinez and I am a Senior at UCI as a 2nd year transfer (4th year collectively with previous education). I am majoring in Film and Media Studies. My current position in FADA is Co-Director for Zotfilm. Some hobbies of mine consist of aqua scaping, fish keeping and playing video games with my friends on my free time.

Angela Park_edited.jpg

Angela Park

Co-Technical Director

4th year Film & Media Studies and English double major. This is my second year as a Co-Technical Director. Together with Angelyn, I run FADA's website, create graphic designs & merch, answer emails, and solve any technical issues. Some things I love to do are hiking and longboarding!


Angelyn Felices

Co-Technical Director

Hello!! My name is Angelyn Felices and I’m a 5th year here at UCI. I’m majoring in Film and Media Studies and double minoring in Sociology and Global Cultures. I am one of the two technical directors for FADA this year and I’m super excited! Some fun facts about me are that I like to dance and sleep. Also I like boba! 🧋


Alex Salazar

Inventory Manager

I’m a third year double majoring in Environmental Science and Policy and Film and Media Studies! I currently am the inventory manager. I enjoy playing tennis and painting on my free time.


Jasmine Zuniga

Marketing Director

Hi my name is Jasmine! I am a 3rd year majoring Film and Media Studies while minoring in Management and Digital Filmmaking. I am the new Marketing Director for 2021-2022. I enjoyed playing video games with friends, reading books and webtoon, and watching kdramas.